Why Australia


Australia is a huge ocean surrounded country with the world’s moist diverse and cosmopolitan air. It is a country with every landscape that you can imagine – mountains, hills, woods, coasts and steel cities!

Australia is conflux of glamorous buildings, golden beaches, bustling art and cinema. Melbourne, for instance is the center for urbane art and experimental theatre. It is always a hub for all the football enthusiasts. Brisbane and Adelaide are graceful towns known for their alleys and serenity. The northern cities are sandstone marvels with breathtaking views of the Oceanside.

For food lovers, Australia is the place to try experimental European cuisine, and of course the majestic sea food festivals. Beer and Wine too are offered in exquisite varieties and flavors.Margaret River is sparkling water stream cutting across great woodlands shooting your thirst for natural beauty. These scenic drives are the best excuses to book a car and drive across to Australia’s many gorgeous national parks dotted with Kangaroo’s and migratory birds. You will have no dearth of secluded caves to camp with!

For Art and Literature lovers, Sydney houses some of the world’s most celebrated and bizarre writers. Walking along the alleys, you might stumble upon one of them or find inspiration through the displayed painting galleries for your own work. For a more rewind version of culture, the Australian aboriginal painting and dance transpose you into a world of history and tradition.