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Education Services

We are a unique consulting company that provides specialized counseling and consultation with all levels of education. This involves diploma courses, vocational training, Bachelor courses, Masters Courses and PhD programs. Ace is a pioneer at felicitating students chooses their course and university.

Our skilled teams of education counselors help students in not only choosing the course and University. Our focus, through tested exercises help you travel the maze of options that Australia offers by bringing you the courses that suit best to your aspirations and capacities. We also do a similar process during selection of University, where different options are weighed against a variety of parameters such as academic ranking of the department, faculty and student ratio, placement record, student satisfaction, etc. Choosing to fly abroad for study is a major step in one’s career life. We understand the importance of this decision and assure maximum support and guidance for you to take it.

Housing Services

After the VISA is issued and the awaited date arrives, the student flies to a foreign land leaving behind the familiar warmth of his family and friends. It is at this very sensitive phase that the student most requires attention and guidance, to help him get through the settlement easily. Ace Migration very much understands this duration and provides unparalleled Post-Departure services that only inform the students about the details of registration, local travel and other necessities; but also help them in housing and settling options.Housing options vary from various types of rooms to different rental bands. We assist students in arriving at a balance between comfort and reasonability in price of rent. Sometimes, there are students with specific housing needs such as locality (remote or amidst friends), distance from university or town and disability needs. We make sure that the right need is met through the chosen housing plan. Uniquely, we also keep updated on latest discounts and price falls in the housing that our students can avail to save money!

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Student Services

Once a course and University is selected, Admission is the next big step. This can be a tedious process as it not only involves great amounts of necessary paperwork but also the right way of presenting your credentials to the University. So many times, the manner of presenting one’s motivation to undertake the desired study can be the critical factor in deciding the admission. At Ace, we have a thorough understanding of the entire process gained through many years of interaction with the Universities. This gives us a cutting advantage as we know the needs of Admission process. Our students are thus benefitted by our help in making higher quality motivation letters and other aspects of the Admission form.

We have also developed a rapport with the Universities that allows us to speed the Admission process. This is also because the credibility we have established with the Institutions in Australia that assures them of the best candidates.

Visa Services

After the celebration of Admissions, VISA usually becomes the worrying phase for students. Applying for VISA requires diligence, great attention to detail and a lot of patience as it is a very information sensitive process. The applications are scrutinized under very discerning eyes and losing your chance can become an expensive affair. Hence it is always recommended to undertake VISA application under an experienced agency.

At Ace Migration, we process VISA forms and applications at multiple levels through different teams. Care is taken to ensure every norm is adhered to, so that your valuable time and money is preserved for other important preparations before flight. We have developed lists of instructions that we follow during each application that have given us positive results throughout the years. This is our experience not only with VISA relating to education but also other domains such as Family, Work and Visit VISAs.

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Student Service

Special Services

Apart from the above services, we provide a range of other solutions that make it easier for you settle into your home abroad.

  • Tax File Number (TFN) and Australian Business Number (ABN). We assist in applications towards these important registrations for students interested in working during their stay in Australia.
  • Translation services certified by Australian Government.
  • Establishing online Bank Account before student lands to save from the perils carrying heavy cash during travel.
  • Free Health insurance with BUPA
  • Health medical care registration.

Flight Services

Ace Migration is one of the few educational consultants offering support even in flight and travel arrangements. We look up a variety of travel agencies and options to give you the most economical, quick and easy option to fly. This includes managing the luggage allowance for students, passport checking and other related services.